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*Continental US only (excludes Shower Filters and shipments to AK, HI, PR).

About Us


(In keeping with our principles of quality & safety, we do not use anything from China in our filter systems or cartridges). is a family-owned and operated water filtration company in Wyoming, USA.  We specialize in developing innovative and reasonably-priced, high-quality water filtration systems which are currently used in over 30 countries.

All our water filtration systems are well thought-out, hand-assembled precision machines, which we feel are an ideal fusion of Science, Art and Love of clean water!

We know that natural clean water is a human right (not a luxury), given to people by Nature’s Creator, and that no one should have to endure contaminated & medicated drinking water against their will.

Unfortunately, what many consider water is actually a cocktail of synthetic and organic contaminants that do not belong there, and due to outdated water quality laws, water treatment plants aren't required to remove this onslaught of modern day contaminants, as a matter of fact, the disinfection & treatment process itself introduces even more chemicals (Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Disinfection Byproducts and others) into the processed water.

This is why we create water Filtration systems that are simple, elegant, and extremely effective at reducing the widest possible range of common contaminants like Fluoride, Chlorine, Disinfection byproducts, Microorganisms and Heavy Metals, as well as newly emerging contaminants like: Radiation, Microplastics, Nanoparticles, Drug Residues (Legal and Illegal), Personal Care Products (Cosmetics, Fragrances, Shampoos, etc.) Chloramine (Ammonia+Chlorine), NDMA (chemical byproduct of Chloramine Disinfection), Petrochemicals (oil industry byproducts), and many others which are found in our water supplies.

Our PureEffect Water Filter Systems protect your drinking water and help restore it back to it’s “naturally pure” state; and by that we do not mean laboratory sterilized H2O stripped of everything but the water molecules, instead, our filters make the water that enters your body “whole” and "nutritious" again.

Natural and “Wholesome” Water has several major chemical characteristics as found in pristine nature and unfortunately most filter manufacturers often don’t factor these into their systems and therefore, void the water of it’s essential nutrient and antioxidant properties: 

    • Alkalinizing Minerals: Calcium & Magnesium.  A major cause of acidic water (low pH) is the removal of minerals (as occurs with Distillation, Reverse Osmosis & some Ion Exchange systems).  We have made it our goal to ensure that natural alkalizing minerals are preserved when you use our systems. Our media substances selectively remove contaminants and block particles as small as bacteria and yet allow ionic minerals and electrolytes to pass through.  This results in water that tastes fresh, bright and clean.  If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you may appreciate the way your drink will taste with clean water from our systems.

  • Electrolytes: Potassium & Sodium: Also removed from water by Distillation, Reverse Osmosis & some Ion-Exchange systems.  In nature, water’s ionic charge is carried primarily by ions of Sodium & Potassium, two natural mineral salts which are crucial for hydrating the cells of our bodies.  All the PureEffect Systems are designed to preserve & enhance the natural electrolytic potential of water.

  • ORP (Antioxidant Potential): All our systems use a patented REDOX media which generates negative electrochemical "charges" (electrons) on a subatomic level within the water structure, and causes an reduction/oxidation (REDOX) reaction.  The extra electrons act as free-radical scavangers, looking to attach to and thereby neutralize (reduce) positively charged particles.  Neutralizing free radicals may slow the human aging process.

Another unique aspect about the PureEffect Filtration Systems is the scientifically phase-balanced cartridge combinations, which means: The proper sequence in which contaminated water touches specific filter media for specific amounts of time before it exits the system.  This is very important, as one minor variance in the cartridge quality and placement can make the final result taste less than perfect.

All of our media cartridges are Made in the USA and are NEVER sourced from China.  You can learn more about our media cartridges by clicking here. Furthermore, all filter components are custom manufactured from the purest quality materials such as our Stainless Steel Spouts, Purified Lead-Free (Part-61 and AB 1953 Compliant) Brass Connectors and Diverter valves, as well as NSF Certified, BPA-Free & Phthalate-Free Food-Grade Housing and Tubing.   

We truly love what we do, and build water filter systems which you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come.  The systems have a standard housing (10” x 3") which allows for adapting to new advances in media cartridges in the future without changing the whole unit.  There is no compromise when it comes to quality, that’s why the products we offer you are the very products we use ourselves daily and are proud to recommend to our family members and friends.  The difference in water quality is one you can really taste for yourself.  (See Filter Systems).

So we welcome you here and look forward to helping you experience the PureEffect in your home drinking water!